Welcome to the world little one


All the months leading up to your little one coming into the world...all the anticipation...all the planning...and they are finally here! YAY!! I am so thrilled that you chose me to capture the little fingers and toes of your new baby. I know all too well that they grow up waaay too quickly. These are the memories that you will cherish forever.

Over the course of many newborn sessions, I have learned a few things to help our session go smoothly. We both want the same thing, beautiful photos. Let's work together to make it happen!

Before the session...

  • Please book your session before your baby is born. Of course, can't know exactly when she or he will arrive but we can schedule your session and then adjust accordingly.
  • Going along with that...you might be wondering, how do you know when to book? The best time to do a newborn session is within the first 10 days after birth. That's when your little one will be sleepy and squishy! Exactly what we need to get them into their cute little poses.
  • I usually suggest trying to feed baby shortly before the session. Hopefully, they will be milk drunk and ready to start!
  • Knowing your vision for the session is so helpful! So if you come across any photos on Pinterest (or where ever you can find them) please send them my way! I want to make your vision come to life through my photos!

During the session...

  • Milk breaks will happen. Don't worry. I plan my newborn session to be about 2 hours. This leaves plenty of time for milk breaks and diaper changes.
  • We will do posed shots but I am a lifestyle photographer meaning exactly as it sounds...I like capturing how your life looks in that moment. I love taking shots of siblings reacting to the new baby, mom and dad snuggling with the new little one, and the love that this new boy or girl brings into your life.
  • I have props including blankets, swaddles, bows, a basket, etc. BUT if you have a vision and would like to provide any of your own props please feel free. I love getting creative with my families.

I hope these tips will help us have a smooth session that produces beautiful photos. I look forward to working with you!

Love and grace,