We both want the same thing

...beautiful photos! I have compiled some tips below that might make the session a little more enjoyable for everyone.

General family session tips...

  • Pack some little snacks during the session. Families have done little fruit snack or pretzel breaks midway through. This is a good break for the kids and we can get shots of the adults during this time.
  • I’m not typically for bribes buuut something that they can look forward to after the session has been a game-changer for some families. When the littles start to get restless you can remind them of the fun thing they get to do afterward and it will typically perk them right back up!
  • The best photos are taken while interacting with your kiddos. That’s when they give their most genuine smiles! PLEASE be playful with them. It helps them feel connected to you and makes the session more enjoyable for the whole family!
  • If you have an idea in your head of a pose or type of location PLEASE let me know ahead of time. I want to help create your perfect session!

If you have are having a multi-family session...

  • Please let me know what groupings you want. It keeps the session flowing nicely when I can plan ahead of time AND in the moment, it can be easy to leave out a grouping you wanted. Having a second person to remember is incredibly helpful!

If your session is during the winter...

  • Because it’ll be cold, if the kids aren’t wearing gloves hand warmers are a great idea! They are discreet and can be easily tossed aside during a photo.
  • Expect the session to be short and sweet. Chattering teeth and shivering little people don't make cute photos. I will come into the session with a general flow so we can move through poses efficiently.

Again, don’t feel like you need to do any of that. I just wanted to share what I’ve seen other families do that has been super successful!

Love and grace,