this time with your loved ones is so important

Trust me, I know how much you want to hold on to every second

I'm Keelie. A homesteading, homeschooling, wife + work from home momma of 4. Our favorite thing to do as a family is to go for adventure walks on my parent's 30 acres. Enjoying the Lord's creation, standing in awe of all he has laid his hands on.

I am a lifestyle photographer. Intentionally capturing you as you are. Right now. In this moment. So you can hold on to those memories for a lifetime.

I believe everyone human is fearfully + wonderfully made by God. Let me capture these moments for you.

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Why hire a professional photographer?

Everyone has an iPhone. I was born in the 90's so I know first hand how much better phone pics are than they used to be. However, there is typically one person left out of the my family, it's me. I am the one who is constantly snapping photos.

Let's get everyone in front of the lens so we can capture timeless memories. Ones that you can look back on and cherish the moment, just as it was.

Fearfully + wonderfully made.

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